Displayed at Red Dot Design Museum 2007-2008.
A fresh approach to future housing and mobile homes
A true mobile home that goes wherever you want like an all-terrain tracked vehicle!
Living Box functions as a movable home with a fully maximized interior space for living, representing new concepts for a mobile living environment. Living Box is designed as a movable home, and fully electric all-terrain tracked vehicle that sits in a class between a commercial van and a full-size Midibus. This allows it to be legal for roads and highways worldwide.
The primary goal of this design was to maximize interior space, so it adopted a boxy form with a slope in front for aerodynamic purposes. The transparent body is comprised of two layers of polycarbonate panels and an aluminum skeleton. The exterior panels allow light to enter the space to make it more spacious and vibrant, while the interior panels feature mini blinds, which provide privacy when desired. The structure is made from aluminum, and it is attached to the chassis and suspension system at the base.
A total of four electro-motors are located at each corner of the Living Box, and two rows of solar panels on the roof charge the batteries and provide energy for the air conditioning system. LED headlamps can function as separate portable lamps and speakers. The platform is raised 200 mm (7.9 inches) from the floorboards to accommodate water, sewage and hydrogen tanks, and lithium batteries.
Teamwork project:
Kayvan Naderi
Mohsen Jafari Malek
Iman Maghsoudi
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