The R4 reloaded

The "ReFour" has been designed considering the strongest design elements of the classic R4, and bringing them to the next level. In order to achieve a pure distinctive look, every unnecessary line and features have been removed. The ReFour’s timeless minimalistic design theme will match the fashion trends of different generations. A wide range of gadgets, tools, and accessories can attach to the external brackets on the body panels, and make the ReFour a multifunction, multipurpose compact vehicle of the future. In order to obtain an environment-friendly product, the body panels are made out of thermoplastic, which is easily recyclable, and the whole expensive and polluting painting process will no longer require. The aluminum chassis will save weight and increase the car’s performance. 
Some of the main structural features like the aluminum a and C-pillars have been brought to the body surface and in addition to creating an unmistakable look in its segment, they provide enough safety and flexibility for replacing or removing the roof and create different classes, even a convertible model from the same car.
Teamwork project: Kayvan Naderi - Mohammad Hossein Amini Yekta - Iman Maghsoudi
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